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A Customer Relationship Managements system designed for Small to Medium sized companies

  • Independent CRM

    An elegant CRM solution designed for your small business without the unnecssary complexity and spurious features, CRM without a degree in computers

    Independent CRM Search & Simple Message
  • Independent CRM

    Activity management, sales forecasting, record customisation all without the need of having a degree in Customer Relationship Management

    Independent CRM Working from Home
  • Import existing data

    Twitter Integration

    Generate leads from Tweets and Auto Follow potential clients, or improve your understanding of your current clients by logging their relevant Tweets

    Pull leads from external sources and wash them against your existing CRM data, ensuring integrity by

    Independent CRM CSV & Twitter
  • Website Integration

    Feed leads direct from your website into your CRM. With the added benifit of checking for duplicates as they come in ensuring your data maintains its integrity

    Independent CRM Website Integration